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UF 106 - Friendly Farewell

It’s our final User Friendly, friends! Join us as the men review one of the best kickstarters ever made; peep a new camera Polaroid totally should’ve made but didn’t; ponder if the Grammy’s are still relevant, and reveal the real names of the celebrities who attended; then, some new Old Spice commercials are just too damned clever. 

And finally, our fare thee wells to you, beloved watchers. Thanks for sticking with us for two years. We’re gonna miss you. And if you’ve read this far into the show notes, remember, no matter what life brings you, keep it friendly.

UF 105 - SPORTS!

UF 104 - Deja Two

UF 103 - Stinking CES Pool

In this week’s UF the boys talk about their CES predictions. Some sound pretty ROCKin. They find out a new way to take life by the globes. And talk about future plans + more. Sit back and relax! But keep it friendly.

UF 101 - Merry Kickmas!


UF 99 - Kicked to the Curb-isode! 

UF 98 - Emergency Condoms

UF 97 - Xbox One

Ready to get Xboned? Well get ready cause Erfon’s got the new Xbox One in-house and the gents will review.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! The men also review another facepalm-worthy Kickstarter, and did you remember to watch the new Netflix Review? The dudes did, and they’re ready to let their thoughts be heard.